Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The 23 Things gave me a great opportunity to explore and expand my knowledge of the Internet and Web 2.0. This new technologies are necessary and required for the modern information staff while serving our customers.
Most of the Things were easy to learn and easy to use even some of them I didn’t know, but that I can say I do know now.
I found the Google Applications, RSS, Flicker, Face Book, Downloadable eBooks, Downloadable Audiobooks and etc. are the fundamental skills for the information staff. I would like to practice and sharp my skills continuously. I will also share some of these online tools with our customers.
I would definitely do other trainings in this format. Thanks to the MCPL.


The NetLibrary Wasn’t working, but I have some experiences on downloading audio books before.
I think the downloadable audio books are excellent resources for me.


I explored Podcast Alley and search through Music and pick the Saturday Morning Poke. I found out that it plays Punk, Blue music(not my type). Then, I tried Brass Band Podcast next. I was able to listen to Brass Band radio music around the world on my computer or iPod or other device. It is great.


No doubt about it, every one loves You Tube. Some of the videos on You Tube are very funny, and others are horrify.


I explored the ZOHO Writer and found the templates are very useful. You can find different kinds of ready-made templates for your use. And what's more, you can upload them. I created a planner of upcoming events through the year. I discovered that I have a conflict on a day and managed to change it.
The Google Docs is unavailable. I will try it later.


I look over and explore one of the awards winning site-StumbleUps, and joined. Once I get Stumble upon I discovered some Internet for great websites, videos, pictures and with just 1 click. And I rate and review what I find. And then easily share the things I like with friends.
It is a wonderful way to share them with friends and colleagues.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I went the sites of PB wiki Tour and PB wiki Video Gallery. They are fun and interesting. I tried to create an account several times but the site won't let me open one. I failed to post a blog on it. It is frustrated.